Who We Are, What We Believe, and How We Help You Grow


Ascend Technologies & Consulting Group is a professional Consulting, Coaching, and Training organization that ignites the passion inside of you and your team.

By carefully listening to your unique needs and goals, truly learning and understanding your vision for success, and clearly defining the steps necessary to achieve that vision, Ascend is the catalyst for grow that you have been waiting for.

Close by your side when you need us most, Ascend will be there to help you not only achieve your dreams, but exceed them.


Your Growth is Our Business.

What We Believe

Ascend believes that slow and steady always wins the race.

Before beginning any aggressive growth campaign, we first examine our client’s core foundation and growth potential. Then, once the foundation is sure, we focus on growth and build upon that solid foundation.

Through creative and captivating marketing, straight-forward and honest sales, and proven and sound logic, Ascend helps individuals and organizations reach the level of success they have always desired, but have never been able to achieve or thought possible.

We work with great people to unlock “the code” to success in their organization, then we teach them how to replicate that success on their own for years to come.


  • All Truth Comes From God.
  • Honesty Is Always The Best Policy.
  • Deliver What Is Promised In Full.
  • Start With The End In Mind.
  • Lead By Example.
  • Never Compromise.
  • Never Quit.
  • And Always Remember,



How We Help You Grow


Ready to grow your organization beyond what people keep telling you is possible?

Tired of slow, stagnant, or diminishing returns?

Want someone to take a look at what your organization is currently doing and see if there is a better way?

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Are you an entrepreneur ready to start a new business and want to know how?

Feeling stuck in Your career and need help?

Know there is more to life than what You are currently experiencing and are now ready to start living Your dreams?

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Do you own or manage an organization that could use some help with Sales & Marketing?

Are You looking for better ways to increase your productivity & performance?

Are You new to Sales and need a crash course on How to Sell with Integrity?

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Your Growth is Our Business.