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Online Academy

Whether you you’d like to take a comprehensive online 8-12 week class or just a learn a specific one-time lesson at your leisure, Ascend has a growing Training Library that will help equip you with the knowledge, skills, and motivation you need to achieve Your dreams.

Live Seminars

You pick the topic, Ascend delivers! Whether it’s a presentation on Selling with Integrity, Managing in Times of Crisis, Increasing ROI by Increasing Personal Productivity, or any other professional topic that you can think of, Ascend will come in to your organization or workplace and motivate your team to action.

Remote Conferencing

Throughout the year, Ascend offers special group training classes on various professional topics and growth related issues. These group training sessions are conducted over the phone, through web-based video conferencing, or Live Online Webinars. All remote group training sessions can be conveniently accessed from your office, conference center, or the comfort of your own home.

Frequently Asked Questions

To the right are questions that we receive frequently. Click on the + symbol to reveal the answer.

If you have a question(s) not listed here, no problem. Feel free to contact us anytime.

We look forward to serving you soon!

What if the training I/my team needs is not listed?
If you do not see a class or topic covered in the Ascend Training Academy library that you would like, simply send us a request via our contact us page. We answer most submissions within 48 hours and produce new content based on demand and level of importance. So if you have a question, ask it! Fact: If You are thinking it, so are thousands of others. So do everyone a favor and ask today!
What are your areas of specialty?
Training, Sales, Marketing, Management, Design- Print & Digital, Advertising, (what people commonly refer to as) Time Management / Scheduling, Systems, Strategic Planning, Idea Generation and Problem Solving.
What are your speaking fees?
Depending on the content/topic, number of sessions taught, audience size/venue, and distance traveled, our speaking fees vary. Please call to discuss if a custom Teaching Experience with Ascend is the right fit for you and your team. Please note: all travel expenses are to be covered by client. This includes all airfare, lodging, meals, and transportation costs to and from the event. 
I live in overseas, can I still by part of your group training classes?
Yes! Absolutely, it would be our honor to have you join our team! While our classes are scheduled based on the North-American Central Standard Time zone (CST), we understand that for many of our international friends this makes attending very difficult. Saying that, we make audio recordings of all Ascend group training sessions and post them on a password protected website for your convenience to playback later.




How to Fire Your Boss: A Practical Guide to Successfully Launching Your Own Small Business

Enjoying the Silence

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Suring the Vision

What do you want to do? What do you love? If money were no object, is this what you would do?  Is the concept feasible? Will it last? These are just some of the questions that we will help you answer before you invest too much time and money in the wrong dream. Once you have the right one though, we will help you live your purpose and thrive!

Step-by-Step Guidance

What tools and resources will You need to achieve Your dream? What order should you prioritize and do things in? How do you connect and partner with the right vendors? These topics and MANY more will be covered in this invaluable SMB Start-up Class!