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In this meeting, you’ll listen to a talented small business owner who is struggling with two major obstacles holding him back- confidence and connecting with his clients.

This video allows you to join us in the sales coaching portion of the call after we had already established the need and the topic for the day.

Please keep in mind that we not only train each client at his/her own level, but in the communication style that works best for them. So while your experience with Ascend might sound a little bit different, rest assured, the same powerful truths and winning techniques will be delivered in this FREE Sales Training so you can close more deals with integrity!

As you will see, this particular Sales Training session starts a little slower to encourage and reengage the client, but soon builds as our time together continues. We cover a TON of important Sales truths and lessons in this one Sales coaching session, so hang-on and enjoy- it just keeps getting better!


What You Will Learn in this Power Packed 30-Minute Sales Coaching Session:


  • Overcoming Objections honestly and sincerely
  • The Art & Power of a Good Illustration
  • The Importance of a Sales Process & Mental Map
  • Establishing a Need
  • Building Value; The ROI Close
  • Dangers and Benefits of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
  • Confidence: Closing Yourself before the Customer
  • Sharing the Vision; Know Your Audience
  • Connecting with Your Clients
  • The Danger of “How?”


Percent Chance You Will Learn Something Valuable from Watching this Video

  • The ABL’s of Life- Always Be Learning
  • What being called a “Nice Guy” really means
  • The Infamous and All Important “Close” with character
  • The “Expert” Fallacy Exposed
  • What Sales Really is
  • Why We Fall- Tapping into the Benefits of Failure
  • Landmines to Avoid & Prepare for- Ahead of time!
  • The Importance of Seizing Opportunity
  • Why Coaching is Important
  • …and much, much More!

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