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Are You an emerging entrepreneur ready to start a new business but need help with the How?

Are You stuck in Your career and need some help getting out of the mud and on top again?

Are You tired of living someone else’s dream and finally ready to start Living Your own?


If You Answered ‘Yes’ to any of the Questions above,

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What we do for You, As easy as 1, 2, 3!

Listening to our clients


The first and most important step in our coaching program is to help you clearly define your Vision and Purpose. The Key to Your Success!


Once your Vision is sure, we help you put together a plan for success, set your priorities accordingly, and keep you focused and on task. Organizing the Pieces.


Now that Your Vision is clear and Plan sure, together we take Action! By systematically implementing each step and overcoming any obstacles that try to get in your way, You are now moving forward to achieve your goal(s) and dream. Working the Plan!


Watch Your Sales Grow with Integrity!


Sales Growth

Learn how to increase your sales with integrity.

Live with Purpose

Learn how to improve not only your own life, but also your families, clients, and those around you.

Find Solutions

Learn how to identify and solve root problems and objections.

Build Relationships

Learn how to make life-long friends, not just clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of clients do you work with?
Ascend’s Coaching Group works with a wide variety of clients in diverse industries. Typically though, we work with American based small and medium sized business owners, corporate level executives, and high-end sales professionals looking to grow their organization, commissions, and market share.
What are your specialties?
Training, Sales, Marketing, Management, Design (print and online), Advertising, (what people commonly refer to as) Time Management / Scheduling, Systems, Strategic Planning, Idea Generation and Problem Solving.
How soon can we start?
After a brief phone interview, and once both parties agree that a relationship together makes sense, we typically schedule the initial consult within a week if time allows. Once the initial consult is complete, we begin meeting together weekly via the phone or internet video conferencing to help you Ascend!


What Some of Our Coaching Clients Have to Say About Ascend


Having worked with other coaches in the past, I saw little progress.  With David though, it is totally different. He’s not afraid to call me out on what I am doing wrong, but in a positive way.  Not only pointing out the areas I need to adjust, but showing me the right way. Elden Scott


As you suggested, I began …. Having that data really showed me what I was doing well, and what needed to be fixed. Since that time, my spread has grown dramatically. I’m having better conversations, asking better questions, and seeing amazing results. Kyle Moore


As I was trying to get my business off the ground, Ascend took time with me and really helped me to focus on what was important. After only the first meeting, Ascend pointed me in the right direction and gave me the map and tools I needed to move forward and succeed. Tim Keenan

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