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Getting to the Real Root of the Problem

When we moved into the house we are currently living in, there was a very large oak tree that leaned over our new home; specifically, our children’s bedrooms. Because the tree seemed healthy and strong, we did not have any intention of removing it right away. However,...

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No Trick. Just a Treat for You!

Well, it's sort of symbolic. The last post I wrote before going on vacation was on a nationally observed day, Columbus Day. Today, we get back on the wagon after some well enjoyed time off and start writing again on another nationally recognized day, Halloween. So in...

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What to do in the Silence. Enjoy It!

We're all been there. You know, the times when the responsibilities of life seem unrelenting. The times when we are stuck in the go, go, go, go, go cycle. The times when all we can think about are all of the things we 'have to' do like: Addressing all of the personal...

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How to be a Champion in Life

Did you ever have one of those workouts that you didn't want to start, felt weak during, wanted to quit the whole time, but you kept going anyways and it made you feel shaky and exhausted? Me too!  Guess what though? A shower and 20 minutes later we feel like a...

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Why We Feel Pain

Throughout our lives we will all experience pain. Physical pain, mental pain, emotional pain, etc.  The good news is, despite the type and intensity of the pain, all pain has a purpose. Think About It In every way we experience pain, pains purpose is to make us aware...

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Why We Should Schedule Our Day: Freedom!

If you've ever listened to Dave Ramsey, he always says that we need to tell our money where to go or it will disappear. Not only do I agree with that statement, but believe that the same principle applies to many areas of life; namely as this article indicates-...

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Reputation Management? Let’s Be Honest

Just 20 years ago, a persons reputation was still key. If they lied, stole, mislead you, or didn't keep their word, you (or your parents generation) would never go back to shop there, and neither would anyone else who found out. We had character as a nation. Now...

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What to Do When You Are Stuck in a Rut

Feeling Stuck? Intimidated by a deadline barreling down at you? Well truth be told, the worse thing we can do at moments like these is stress. You see, stress closes down our creative juices and our ability to focus and get things done. Mental stress is kind of like a...

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Leaders, Can You Answer This Question?

What am I doing in life to earn the respect of those that follow me?  An important question for any leader. You see, sometimes in life we are placed into leadership by position, sometimes by birth, and sometimes by circumstance. However it is we got there though, we...

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How to Take a Compliment to the Face

If you're like me, it wasn't often that we received a compliment when we were growing up. In fact, quite the opposite. For years we heard about all of the things other people thought were wrong with us,  and because of that, like in all things, we got good at what we...

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